Hi everybody, I’m Tori

I’m an American SLP who has been living and working in Australia since 2016. Thanks for your support and for visiting my blog! 

Here’s a little condensed version of my SLP life and the making of this blog:

  • Received my Bachelor of Arts in Communicative Sciences and Disorders at Michigan State University (Go Green!) 
  • Decided to go to grad school in California, and received my Master of Science in Communicative Disorders at the University of Redlands
  • Completed my clinical fellowship year (CFY) at an acute care hospital in Michigan
  • Worked at said hospital for four+ years 
  • Got burnt out at my job – decided I needed to change things up & also wanted to travel
  • Thought about doing travel therapy in the US, but decided to come to Australia
  • Worked as an au pair for my first four months in Australia 
  • Never went back home for good, got certified and started working as a speech pathologist here in Australia 
  • Wrote a guest blog about working as a speech pathologist in Australia
  • Three years later, am still being contacted and receiving e-mails from the guest blog that I did
  • Decided I would start up my own blog, which turned into Speech Down Under

During my time in Australia, I lived in Darwin (Northern Territory) for about seven months, spent a bit over two years in Sydney (New South Wales), and am currently residing in Perth (Western Australia).

In the US, I worked in an acute care hospital. In Australia, I have worked in acute care at a public hospital, in acute care at a private hospital, as a contractor for private practices, and as a contractor for an aged care group. 

In my down time, I enjoy spending time upside down (doing handstands), practicing yoga, doing gymnastics, running, hiking, spending time in the sun/at the beach, being a crazy plant person, baking, learning & trying new things, and obviously – traveling.

Let’s be friends – send me a message.