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The City Lowdown

May 18, 2020

The City Lowdown

Hey guys! Sorry I've been a bit MIA from the blog  - can we all agree it's been such weird times living through a pandemic?! And although I know moving across the world is not the forerunner on everyone's mind, I thought I'd get back to my blog. I've been asked what I like about different places I've lived in Australia - so thought it might be helpful to throw together some pros and cons to some of the bigger cities in Aus for anyone that might be looking to move out here in the future!

Where to live? Obviously, I can’t really answer that question for you – but, maybe this list can be a starting point for you. I spent about 7 months living in Darwin, a bit over 2 years in Sydney, and have now been in Perth for a bit over a year. This list has been compiled by myself, other ex-pats, and Aussies alike.

As for me - I didn't do a whole lot of research before I packed up my bags to "visit" and au pair in Darwin for a few months - and then didn't do a heap of research before I moved to Sydney on a whim after a job offer there [and probably still didn't do a heap of research before I moved over to Perth - loving it here though btw!]. You might want to do a little more research than I did if you're a person that likes to plan everything out - but also keep in mind that nothing's ever permanent! And as SLPs and allied health professionals, we're pretty lucky in the fact that we can fairly easily move around.


    • Pros
      • Ease of meeting people – My au pair host family said Darwin is the best place to randomly meet someone over a beer
      • Tropical vibes/weather – there’s only a wet season and dry season, and it’s always hot – you never have to guess if you’re going to freeze
      • Amazing National Parks within a couple hours – Litchfield, Kakadu – awesome waterfalls!
      • Some of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen [and has the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets!] – it’s a gorgeous spot in the world!
      • This could be a pro or con – but the laid back vibes
    • Cons
      • Transient place – you might meet someone who’s only there short-term
      • You can’t swim in the ocean because of crocs and jellyfish!
      • During the wet season, it’s hot and humid and everyone is sweaty
      • The city itself is small


    • Pros
      • Weather – doesn’t get too cold
      •  Accessibility
      • Sunshine Coast about an hour north and Gold Coast about an hour south
      • More bang for your buck - cheaper cost of living/rent than some of the other capital cities, such as Sydney and Melbourne
      • Up and coming developments
    •  Cons
      • No beach in the city
      • Not quite as broad of options in regards to entertainment/culture compared to Sydney/Melbourne


    • Pros
      • Easy to navigate with public transport
      • Culture and cultural diversity
      • Festivals/events always happening
      • Great food options at all price points
      • The water! – You’ve got the harbour as well as gorgeous beaches
      • National Parks within an hour or so of the city (e.g. Blue Mountains, Royal National Park, etc.)
      • Big variety between suburbs/neighborhoods
    •  Cons
      • Peak hour traffic can be a nightmare, not to mention the toll roads can be expensive and add up quickly!
      • Parking can also be a nightmare depending on where you’re going
      • Expensive – including housing and rent



    • Pros
      • It’s beauty! Lots of parks, gardens, and trails for walking/running/biking, also a short drive to hiking trails
      • Lots of options for things to do – nature, shopping, eating/drinking, exploring arts & culture scene
      • Can go for weekends away – Great Ocean Road, Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley [wine country], Wilson’s Prom, etc.
      • Amazing restaurants and big brunch culture, lots of fun rooftop bars, lots of cafes [and they take their coffee seriously]
      • Every neighborhood is unique with something to offer, lots of street art and hidden alleyways
      • Huge sports culture, especially AFL
    •  Cons
      • Weather – the weather is moody and you might get rain/sun/hail in the day [although you might like this!]
      • High cost of living
      • Traffic can be horrendous
      • A real beach with the ocean is an hour away


    • Pros
      • 30 minutes or less to get to the city/hills/beach
      • Beaches – suburban beaches are spacious/safe
      • Wine regions – Barossa, Clare Valley
      • Changing and developing
      • Cost of living/cheap housing
    •  Cons
      • Lots of artists skip Adelaide for concerts
      • Smaller vibes - everyone knows everyone
      • Last of the cities to get major stores
      • International flights – leave from Sydney primarily


    • Pros
      • Gorgeous beaches/coast – and you can find parking!
      • You can head “down south” in a few hours – this includes Margaret River [wine region]
      • Rottnest Island is a ferry trip away!
      • Weather!! Lots of sun and less humidity compared to other cities, which makes for a good outdoorsy lifestyle
      • Less traffic
      • Easy to travel to Asia from here
    • Cons
      • Isolated – which makes a long flying time going to the US, Europe, etc.
      • Things close early [grocery stores/shops close earlier than they would in a bigger city such as Sydney]
      • Not as much going on during the week

SORRY Canberra [ACT] and anywhere in Tasmania, I’ve left you out!

      • But maybe you want to consider working there
      • Or, maybe you want to consider a rural and remote job somewhere – you do you! 

No matter where you end up or even if it's just a visit to Aus, I hope you love it just as much as I do! 


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